Just because it seems quiet…

Well its been a while since our last blog post, but just because we have gone quiet does not mean we are not here!

We have been really busy adding new items to our website, eBay, etsy (anywhere we can sell our products) Not only online but offline too in a little shop called Craft Magic In Saltburn (if you have not been here and you are local, pop in and have a look around)

What have we added to our site???

We have added jigsaws, mugs, phone cases, iPad cases, teddy bears plus a whole load more things, which all can be personalised to your requirements.

We have a range of designs for Halloween online at the minute and will be adding more over the coming weeks, we have also started adding Christmas ideas too.

We have a gorgeous range of children’s tutus and accessories online as well as in store too, same with these we can customise them to your requirements.

Anything you want personalising all you need to do is ask us, email us today at enquiries@lulahblu.co.uk

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