Everything’s All NEW And Shiny !

We have been very busy at Lulah Blu over the past few weeks. We have give the website a facelift, added Unisex T-Shirts, Mens Vests, Kids Accessories PLUS Design your own Clothing.

We are very excited to say that you can now design your own Kids Tutu on our website with the latest technology to build products from scratch. You can add different colour tutus, add a kids t-shirt, add a crochet tutu top and even add a load of extras to your creation. After you are happy with your design you can then buy the finished product from us and we will then ship it out to you. DESIGN A KIDS TUTU < HERE

If that’s not enough you can also design a Unisex T-Shirt and a mens vest from scratch and choose from hundreds of images to build your t-shirt add custom text or even add your own image!



(its easier to design on a pc, rather than a smart phone or tablet)

With loads of NEW options on our website we are sure to have something perfect for you or your child.


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