Affiliate Information & FAQ


  1. Q) How much can I earn?

A) The amount you can earn is upto you! – we don’t cap an amount you can earn and we pay you on all your commissions. We pay different % amount depending on your account level, you can level up by getting more referrals. Visit our Rank System Page to find out more.


2). Q) How can I be paid?

A) We will pay any outstanding commissions on the 1st of every month via your chosen payment method, either Paypal or Card Payment.


3). Q) Do I need a website to be able to join the affiliate program?

A) No, you can share your unique links via your social media accounts and also if you have a website you can add your links and our product images to create sales direct back to us.


4). Q) Do I need to pay anything to join?



5). Q) Can I access my affiliate account on my mobile phone?

A) Yes, simply use the ‘Log In’ button on our Affiliates Scheme page.


6). Q) What is a Referral?

A) A Referral is when you share a link to a product of ours and a customer follows your link and then buys the item.


Once You Have Registered

What to do now? (apart from make some money)

  1. Complete your profile
  2. Simply add a way you would like us to pay you once you have made referrals on the payments screen above.
  3. Copy the link to any of our product pages i.e

then add /ref/yourusername (yourusername can be seen on your account screen, it is the one you chose when registering)

so the full link you can now share will look like

4. Share the link on your website/social media account to potential customers and if they purchase the item you will get commission of that sale.

All terms and conditions can be found here – Affiliate TOS


Any queries please contact us via 



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