Who are Lulah Blu? - We are a small business from the North East of England who began our journey in September 2015. Our business started with simple t-shirt designs for both men and women and we have grown from there. By the end of 2015 we had already introduced new items to our online store, some of the items where Mugs, Baby Grows and Jigsaws.
Lulah Blu strive to offer great customer support and always want the customer leaving happy, a helping hand is only seconds away. By the middle of 2016 we had already branched out with new products, new selling avenues and lots of new original ideas, and although our personalised printed items are our main line of business we decided to add some 'Premium Gifts' which consist of novelty mugs, collectable skulls and a lot more unique items which can be found within our Premium Gifts section.
Towards the end of 2016 Lulah Blu has grown so much in just 1 year and we are still growing by introducing new items and ideas all the time.
In 2017 we added our brand new Fashion Collection for both men and women, Streetwear with a gothic twist. In July 2017 Lulah Blu where granted an exclusive license to produce Bad Taste Bears mugs.